The New Generation of Drm – by Benoit Balzola

The Open-blog week continues today with a post from Benoit Balzola. Currently doing a Master’s degree at Supinfo, Benoit is very interested in webmarketing news, SEO and social networks. You can find him on LinkedIn , Twitter , Facebook and his blog. Thanks to him for this contribution! ultraviolet The purpose of DRM (Digital Rights Management) is to control the use of digital creations. The observation is simple: digital media are Slovenia WhatsApp Number particularly conducive to copying. In a few mouse clicks we will be able to duplicate the content of a file.

Benoit Is Very Interested in Webmarketing

It will allow each buyer to create a personal account (free) in order to access its content, regardless of the platform used. A Blu-Ray would therefore be viewable on its neighbor’s PS3 as long as you use the account of the person who bought it. Slovenia WhatsApp Number We could therefore compare it to Steam which is the same type of platform but video game oriented. Note however that with this system it will be impossible for you to resell, give or lend your film to someone else. ultraviolet So we have an interoperable system (in cloud computing mode), but closed will you say?

We Could Therefore Compare

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Slovenia WhatsApp Number List

Another question also arises, the invasion of privacy. With such a functioning, what will prevent the DECE from knowing which videos we have purchased, if we watch them… Besides, the FSF (Free Software Foundation) has already launched an information campaign to fight against the project. Finally, what conclusions can we draw? Slovenia WhatsApp Number The system looks pretty well done and fairly easy to use, which is what can make it successful. A simple registration on a site, you connect and you have access to all its content. In addition, the list of participants includes almost all the big names.

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