The power of word of mouth as a marketing tool, but it is not enough to focus the whole strategy on this

Word of mouth is still one of the main marketing tools I have available today. Effective in all areas, from politics to commerce, it is a difficult and subtle profession, where even a small mistake can. Compromise its success and distort the final intent. Its effectiveness was already amply demonstrated in the 1940s, because everyone. Needs to verify, through the opinion of others, a purchase , a service, a person. There is that candidate, do you know him have you ever been to that hotel, does it offer a good breakfast have you ever bought shoes in that store, were you happy with it these are phrases that we hear. Every day and let us understand how deeply rooted in everyone, both at the company level and also in the normal exchange of information, is the habit of pointing decisions by filtering them based on the judgment of others.


How to create a strategy to entice

Just think of the success that websites of the caliber of tripadvisor photo retouching service have had over the years, which bases its strength solely on reviews. Word of mouth as a marketing tool word of mouth always the most functional of tools normally in a buying process, regardless of what the industry is, the satisfied customer will have a tendency to involve other people. This circle pushes others to buy and try. It means that it is a simple and genuine way to engage new customers, to maintain the satisfaction of those already acquired and to expand their sales. A strategy that bases all its power only on reputation and which today becomes, with digital systems, a minefield.

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Not just word of mouth, but a marketing strategy

In fact, if once this tool was only used verbally or in KYB Directory some trade magazine, today writing a review and being stoned, for a company it can be a matter of a few seconds. Blogs, influencers, forums, become a potentially incredible tool, but also a very dangerous one. The majority of companies indicate that it is fundamental in purchasing. Decisions, the opinion and word of mouth of their customers to involve the public and to entice them to purchase. The word of mouth strategy helps, but we must never forget the essence of all things, that is the product service which must be something for which people spontaneously feel the desire to involve others. So we dont just talk about the last iphone sold or the ferrari or the luxury hotel, it is clear that these have a market of their own.

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