The Remaining First Pages Of Your Competitor

Yes. As our own marketing provider, we have direct experience acquiring SEO clients for ourselves. Canada WhatsApp Number List As you can see, these two keywords passed our touchstone test with flying colors, so we added them to our list and targeted them. Repeat these steps for Once your keywords pass the touchstone test, add them to your master keyword list document. Canada WhatsApp Number List Then repeat the process. Keep going through your competitors’ pages one by one until you have at least 50 keywords worth targeting. Create content pages for those keywords, then find 50 more keywords. Rinse and repeat. Next, you need to organize them.

Organize Your Keyword Ideas 

The success of your SEO strategy depends on many factors. But I’ve seen businesses struggle in two areas time and time again. Canada WhatsApp Number List Unable to mine profitable keywords Keep your keyword list organized. Having a disorganized keyword list can lead to confusion and unrecognizable human error. Canada WhatsApp Number List There is no clear strategy for you to know where to start and focus. Let’s fix this by categorizing keywords into hubs and spokes. If you’re familiar with how search engines work and their preference for ranking pages based on topical relevance, this is synchronous for you.

Into Hubs And Branches

Think of hubs as pillar pages. These pages act as the main backbone for all content related to them. Spokes are individual pages closely related to a broader topic (center/pillar). Canada WhatsApp Number List Honestly, HubSpot might explain it better. By organizing your keywords this way, you’ll have a bird’s-eye view of what you need to work on, so you can have a topic rather than just a set of individual keywords. The goal of SEO is ultimately to show search engines how relevant all of your pages are to a given topic. Canada WhatsApp Number List By internally linking your spokes to your pillar pages, your “relevance score” increases, resulting in higher rankings.

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