The Results of Our Summer 2010 Blogging Competition

Our blog contest , offered by RegionsJob in partnership with Alapage Ended on June 20. The jury finished deliberating at the end of last week, so we are happy to announce the winners of this fourth edition! With nearly 200 blogs registered, the choice was not easy… The quality was there and the votes were tight, more than 60 blogs received votes! After Marie-Pascale, Jessyca and Sylve, who will win the award for Best Job Blog? Our previous winners Austria WhatsApp Number have also received votes from the jury again this year even if they do not appear on the list (by little). Who will remove the new category of the Best web business blog? Who will have had the most original approach of the year?

The Quality Was There and the Votes

The answers right away. But first, congratulations to all the participants, winners or not, for the quality of their blog. Expertise and employability are more than ever issues in current blogging and have a bright future ahead of them. Austria WhatsApp Number A big thank you also to our members of the jury who had the heavy responsibility of determining the winners. Benjamin Chaminade, consultant/trainer and blogger on Generation Y 2.0 Eric Delon, HR journalist Eric Dupin, blogger on Presse-Citron.

Than Ever Issues in Current Blogging

Austria WhatsApp Number
Austria WhatsApp Number

And consultant Eva Robineau, monitoring officer for Unedic and editorial manager of Elsa Fayner, HR journalist and blogger on Et voilà le travail Jean-Baptiste Pollien, graphic designer. Austria WhatsApp Number And blogger on Unemployed Priscilla Gout, web editor at RegionsJob and blogger at Mode(s) d’emploi Vincent Plançon, training advisor and blogger for IMIE Without further ado, here are the winners.

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