The Top 100 Tools on the Web to Learn

Like last year , the Center for Learning & Performance Technologies lists the top 100 tools for learning. The final ranking will be announced on October 17. But for now, education professionals (at large) can contribute to the list by offering their 10 favorite tools. If you are a teacher, consultant, developer… you can participate in this ranking. 140 people have so far given their opinion. Last year, Twitter was voted the best tool. Currently, he is still first in the list. But in this ranking Benin WhatsApp Number are not only such well-known sites! Do not hesitate to consult it, most of the services are free, and all very useful for monitoring, research and learning Tomorrow all journalists? It is not won. Yes, the average quality of writing seen on blogs can sometimes be scary. But let’s not forget the very essence of the blog, to be a personal “media”, a space of our own.

The Final Ranking Will Be Announced

Again, if you don’t like someone, don’t just go back and read them. And above all, do not generalize! Some of the blogs are becoming more professional. Benin WhatsApp Number The growing ease of publishing brings a lot of people, it makes sense to have to sort it out. Many recommendation tools are there to help you, fortunately. There remains the “problem” of meaningless blogs that seek credibility. Three-line posts with a video or an image, never a substantive reflection, lists with no added value, catchy titles that lead to emptiness…

The Growing Ease of Publishing Brings

Benin WhatsApp Number
Benin WhatsApp Number

And of course the famous translations of US posts, or even the RSS feeds of some large blogs barely Frenchified. But then again, where is the problem? Is there any blogospheric police, laws that I don’t know? Everyone does as they see fit. Benin WhatsApp Number Let Internet users choose what to read. Professionals and knowledgeable people will know how to sort the wheat from the chaff, and so much the worse for the others. Living in perpetual grudges or coming out of your Calimero shell won’t change anything anyway, so you might as well focus on positive things.

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