The Web, Generator of Fake Experts and Real Charlatans

The fact of choosing a posture proves the artificiality of the thing. When you design your digital identity, you are well in the choice and the strategic positioning. With the Web, for the first time, individuals will be able to set up communication and promotion logics hitherto reserved for businesses and other organizations. If the latter are not necessarily aware of it. Because, Their number and the way in which they approach specialized Czech Republic WhatsApp Number subjects encourage the penetration of myths into professional spheres. From when does an individual claim the title of expert? What mechanics favor his condition as a false expert and what drifts does this entail on professional practices?

They Approach Specialized Subjects Encourage

Participation is mainly about posting a comment, relaying information on social media and sometimes collaborating; this is a key step, it is thanks to your participation that people will begin to identify you.But,  They will judge the quality of your interventions, will exchange a few words with you. These exchanges, this permanent monitoring will quickly put you up to date with the news of your favorite theme. Because, You can now act, ie regularly produce content on blogs or specialized sites. The monitoring exercises have given you ever greater experience of what interests your reference community.

The Greater the Number of Visitors

Czech Republic WhatsApp Number
Czech Republic WhatsApp Number

These relationships inevitably take the form of “cronyism”, you will begin to relay information out of interest or sympathy. Czech Republic WhatsApp Number The limit, almost systematically crossed, is to no longer pay attention to the quality of the content produced by your “partners”. In a rather singular way, on the Web the word expert is more often synonymous with passionate than with hyper specialist. The latter having strong rationalizing and entropic logics, they searched for skills on the Web in the manner of organizations… as quickly as possible.

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