These Three Small Optimizations Were What Our Marketing

Had been missing for several months now. This failure almost cost us our investment, as the investor wanted to see results. It also cost us a ton of money, as while we were trying to figure out how to make social media marketing work for us, we still had to pay salaries, rent, and every month it took us longer to build our business, potential customers weren’t paying. us, and we were losing revenue. In the end, the marketing success came too late to save the business and the exploreB2B platform. And all it would have taken was the right answers to our specific situation from a social media marketing expert when we were just starting out. What is the ROI of marketing consulting?

Looking back, it may seem easy enough to calculate the marketing consulting ROI for the example above if we had had a consultant answering our questions from the start. Actually, it’s not that easy as you often can’t know what would have happened to your marketing if you had tried it without marketing consulting. What is the ROI of marketing consulting? click to tweet Simplified, at best, the ROI of online marketing consulting is You get perfect advice that saves your employees several months of time Your marketing skyrockets, your monthly income grows => Infinite Reward That usually doesn’t happen. Or if so, who can prove that this success would not have happened without hiring marketing consultants?

The Reality Often Looks

A bit different: success doesn’t come after answering a marketing question. Instead, one answer leads to the next question and the next optimization problem. Hey, before you read on, we have several FREE detailed guides on similar topics that you can download. For this post, check out: FREE Croatia phone numbers Workbook: CREATE AWESOME BLOG POSTS FREE Beginner’s Guide: START A BLOG Often half the problem is figuring out what question you need answered. And only if you have this answer can you move on to identifying your next question. And even if you have the answer and found a successful marketing process, there are usually several ways you can optimize your results.

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The hard truth is: there is a limit to what online marketing consulting can achieve at any given time. All the results of online marketing consulting projects are based on data from the current situation, which will lead to the next hypothesis that will need to be tested and optimized, more data will be collected. Theory looks good – implementation is a different matter It is more or less impossible to answer all marketing questions before you start DOING marketing. Attempting to do so will necessarily lead to decisions based on theory rather than actual data. Only the data you collect in your marketing efforts can ensure you make the right decisions and help you identify the questions you need to answer next.

The Results You See And Measure

Will take you to the next step in your marketing journey. Theory looks good – implementation is a different matter click to tweet. Online marketing is an endless cycle of Hypothesis: build a scenario. Collect data: interpret data Optimize, adjust and start with a new hypothesis. Any marketing plan that goes too far into the future, without taking into account the data of the previous steps, is very unreliable, since it cannot take into account the results of reality. Marketing theory most of the time sounds logical and easy. But the implementation and the data you get can lead you to totally different results and even a new marketing path. In many cases, a 1-2 hour consulting session focused on your specific.

Current situation can go a long way toward marketing success. This will allow you to go ahead and collect more data and identify the next questions. And only then, when new data is available, a new consulting session may be the right step forward. With this consulting process, the ROI of your marketing consulting can be incredible. A minimal investment in consulting can generate big results as you address problems and questions. The moment they arise and optimize “on the fly.” Get customers what they really need and deserve. One thing we have noticed in all online marketing consulting projects in the past. The first 1-2 hours at a time are by far the most valuable to the client.

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