Oil Spill, Three Web Applications in Protest

International news is often the occasion for viral campaigns, sometimes very well found. To protest against the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, two applications have been developed, one to become aware of the extent of the damage, To participate, you have to base Cameroon WhatsApp Number yourself on the real logo of the brand, and it is good to bring out these 3 ideas through the new design: oil spill disaster deadly consequences for animals incompetence You still have 8 days to participate… BP Logo Contest To see the contributions and participate.

The Logomyway Site Is Launching a Contest

Among the keywords concerned: BP, Deepwater Horizon (the name of the drilling platform that exploded)…  An example : Firefox Oil Spill Download plugin Oil Spill for Google Earth It may be difficult to imagine the surface that the oil slick can cover in the ocean. Because, This application for Google Earth overlays it with the region you want. Cameroon WhatsApp Number An unfortunately telling representation… Like every week, find a selection of 6 online resources that you will inevitably find useful.

This Application for Google Earth

Cameroon WhatsApp Number
Cameroon WhatsApp Number

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