Today We’ll Cover The Basics

But for the purpose of this guide, the examples and images will be from SE Ranking.  Note: It may take weeks or months to resolve issues in the SEO Site Audit Report, depending on the size of your site. Iran WhatsApp Number List We recommend that businesses run these procedures on a regular (monthly) basis to ensure your fixes are recognized. A website health check is similar to a routine check-up you schedule with your local doctor. Iran WhatsApp Number List The goal here is to ensure that there are no obvious obstacles preventing your site from ranking on search engines. Before working on this area, run the following command in Google to see which pages are currently being indexed.

Redirect HTTP Traffic to HTTPs

By cross-checking with your sitemap, you can see at a glance what, if any, is missing from Google’s index. Iran WhatsApp Number List This is usually a good starting point. From here, you can use Google Search Console to pinpoint exactly why Google’s bots aren’t indexing your page. Iran WhatsApp Number List Maybe an unintentional “no index” directive in place? Fortunately, you don’t have to guess because Google will tell you why and how to fix these problems. Does everything look normal here? Let’s do more. Below are the most common issues with your site’s Health Check report.

Redirects Http to Https

Unclear, vague, or “ugly” URLs create SEO risks because users don’t know which page they’re on. Iran WhatsApp Number List Creating SEO friendly URLs is not difficult. Iran WhatsApp Number List Just follow the steps here and your URLs will be legible and work as expected. However, in some cases you may want the category to also appear in the URL. Iran WhatsApp Number List For example /category-name/new-blog-post To create it, just enter the following in the Custom Structure field.

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