Top 12 Frameworks for Android Application Development in 2020

Android is the largest platform for mobile devices. Which has the capacity to run millions of mobile phones in approximately more than 200 countries. It not only provides excellent support for people around the world to use hundreds of games and apps on their phones. But, also provides a huge open market for developers to develop Android apps. Android provides a unique and distinctive framework that allows all Android developers to deploy their applications. And develop them to make them available on many smartphones and tablet users. The main purpose Finland WhatsApp Number List of frameworks is to increase productivity by reducing effort which saves a lot of time for developers to fix any other important issue in the application or game. These frameworks provide inbuilt tools for developers to Instantly work on difficult and time-consuming part of coding.

The Android App Development

2. Telephone gap Easily build apps using the web technologies you know and love telephone gap Designed for HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript development. Its version 6.0 also provides support for Windows phones, new libraries and CLI functions. Finland WhatsApp Number List It also added Cordova WebView for tasks like inserting your PhoneGap code into larger apps. To learn more about Phonegap, try the online tutorial “Projects in PhoneGap – Learn by Building 10 Projects”. 3.Xamarin xamarin You can completely write your code in  and deploy it to Android to develop apps and games with this framework. It also works for iOS and Windows. Sencha Touch 2 sencha Sencha Space is the ideal platform for deploying and managing secure business applications that run on multiple devices.

The Application Builder

Finland WhatsApp Number List
Finland WhatsApp Number List

To build your own apps with ionic, try the course ‘Ionic 4 – Build iOS, Android & Web Apps with Ionic & Angular’. 9. Sprout germ This framework provides a clear MVC design with performance and scalability optimization for applications. And is one of the most popular frameworks among developers. Although, It has a simple drag-and-drop and no-code interface that allows developers to develop applications at a rapid pace. Finland WhatsApp Number List Special attention includes huge social media integration and direct app submissions to Google Play. So, DHTMLX Touch dhtmlx This AJAX and JavaScript library focuses on UI widgets and helps build HTML5 based applications.

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