Troubleshooting Index Coverage

WebTextTool is one of our favorite SEO tools for boosting rankings in weekly searches. Think of it as your personal page SEO assistant. Much like Yoast is the de facto SEO tool for WordPress sites. With WebTextTool, you can create SEO-ready content from your first draft as it provides page suggestions as you write. Since your changes are graded “live”, there is no need to refresh or select “Preview”. WebTextTool is more than just a real-time on-page SEO checker. It’s also full of competitor analysis features that allow you to analyze the efforts of those pages that beat you in the Google SERPs .

Testing Meta Title and Description

If Ahrefs helps you identify and discover your competitors’ keyword and content strategies, WebTextTool will show you how to beat them in search . Of all the SEO tools Google offers for businesses, their Search Console is our favorite and most used for many reasons. First, it’s free. Iran WhatsApp Number List But most importantly, it helps you identify all the barriers that prevent your web property from ranking high in searches. In addition to being able to catch all indexing and sitemap coverage issues, it’s a handy tool for monitoring the exact search queries that users type into Google to find your site .

Final Thoughts

In the Search Queries report, you can drill down into the queries people use to reach specific pages, and view related analytics. We use this report religiously during our routine SEO content audits. Because it helps us identify pages that need an SEO facelift. Typically, these pages have high impressions and low CTR. Or naturally, low-impression and low-ranking pages (tell us that we might have to reconsider our keyword choices) My only complaint is that its new UI, while prettier than the last iteration, is very blocky and not very user-friendly.


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