Unhappy with Google Ads What are advertisers complaining about

Today it is common knowledge that. The vast majority of revenue generated by. Google comes from advertising. More and more advertisers publish. Their ads through managers or by themselves. Instead of through a certified. Google ads agency, and they find that. They do not meet their business objectives. Sometimes investing amounts with which. They could more than do it. Why is this happening. We are going to analyze the main causes .And reasons for this dissatisfaction with google ads. Index of contents wrong recommendations or only focused. On achieving clicks many times some managers. Who call themselves experts recommend changes. And measures that only make .The google ads account generate spending and more spending for. The advertiser without taking into account.

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The variables related to the conversion. This phrase probably sounds familiar to you.I did what I was told when I called an expert manager. I spent a lot of money and nobody called me or bought my products. On many occasions bad managers. Have suggested me measures aimed at generating spending and more spending without taking into account the needs of the advertiser , in such a way that the recommendations they make are aimed  Romania Phone Number at spending as much as possible and without taking into account the particularities of the sector, nor of your target audience, nor of the competition, and always without skimping on costs, yes, so in the end you cannot follow their guidelines unless your goal is to spend money to have the best google ads, although do not generate even € 1 of income.

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we are talking about cpc cost per click

An example of this is the recommendation to lightly use a “maximize for conversions” bid adjustment so that the google ads system decides to bid what it sees fit if it thinks you are going to convert ; the problem is that it does not take into account many variables that can make you lose a lot of money, such as the historical data necessary for it to work, the level of aggressiveness of the competition, or simply if there is a need to bid so much or be in a certain position. Position to get x number of conversions (without even talking about their quality). Another example is the constant opportunities and recommendations of the google ads system for you to get more clicks (regardless of whether your campaign is generating income or not). Keep in mind that there is a great conflict of interest here.



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