Update Google Search Console

While it’s possible to migrate from HTTP to HTTPS using 303 redirects and other status codes, it’s not really advisable. Google says that if you start redirecting with other types of HTTPS result codes, it will end up taking longer for search engines to reprocess each URL and end up making it harder for Google to signal new versions of your site. If you want your site to consistently rank well in the SERPs, it’s best to keep Google’s good side and make life easier for search engines. Ensuring that Google’s bots can easily crawl your pages means that search engines are more likely to reward your pages.

Update Your Robots Txt File

SSL certificates are small data files that bind keys to an organization’s personal details. When properly installed, it activates the HTTPS protocol, allowing secure connections between web browsers and servers. Estonia WhatsApp Number List You can purchase SSL certificates from several different vendors. we suggest: You can choose from three different certificate types depending on your business needs . Domain verificationSingle domain or subdomain, inexpensive and email-published in minutes. This appears as a green padlock.

Update All Hardcoded Links To HTTPS


You will need to update any custom scripts you may have so that they now point to the HTTPS version. This includes third-party hosted scripts, otherwise your site may display mixed content warnings. Building 301 redirects is the most critical step in the entire migration process.  It’s better to implement 301 redirects at the server level rather than using a plugin. If you’re dealing with hundreds of URLs, it’s actually simpler to do it at the server level too. Any hard-coded links or blocking rules that may exist in the robots.txt file may still point to the HTTP file. It is important to update them so they point to the new HTTPS files.


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