Use “Related Queries” to Track

Covering current content is very valuable. Your target audience is fully informed, engaged and starts to depend on you to stay in the loop. So how do you find relevant content that engages, engages, and converts potential customers? China WhatsApp Number List To find trending topics, use Google Trend’s Top Searches tool to see the top search terms people have used in the past 24 hours, right down to the category they belong to [eg, entertainment, science and technology, business], including top news … Case in point: In 1985, the average starting salary for geography majors at UNC [University of North Carolina] was over $100,000. Great, right? hang on…

Your Prospect’s Search Journey

The missing piece is that Michael Jordan was a geography major at the same school before joining the Chicago Bulls and signed a contract worth…$1 a year. Now, if you take Jordan out of the equation, what do you think the new annual average is? China WhatsApp Number List Only about $25,000! bring home? Popularity spikes distort keyword data, and as you can see above, it’s easy to screw up your content marketing strategy. Therefore, keywords with higher monthly searches need to be revisited to ensure trends are stable or increasing over time.

Measure Whether Your Message

Let’s say you’re viewing Google Trends data for the search term “Oscars.” China WhatsApp Number List So, assuming your website builds content around popular celebrities, you may want to jot down relevant content around those dates on your calendar for maximum exposure and traffic. China WhatsApp Number List And… once you know where keywords are more popular, it’s easier to optimize keywords in your content for specific audiences during peak times.

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