Use The “Inverted Pyramid” Method

Benin WhatsApp Number List Once you understand a user’s search intent, it’s time to consider what type of content will make that information most accessible and relevant to page visitorsIf you sell cars, maybe your audience wants to read a list of the top cars on sale in 2020. Or they might prefer a guide to choosing the right type of car for themselves. Other relevant forms of content may include reviews and opinion articles. Relevant content is all about being useful to your target audience and giving them the information they need at the right time. Benin WhatsApp Number List

 Analyze Competitive Content

Considering the search intent of your target audience will help you craft content that users want and need to read. Benin WhatsApp Number List To rank well on Google, search engines need to see that your content is not only relevant, but also very useful to readers. First, you need to cover all the topics that users want to see when they click on your website. Benin WhatsApp Number List You can do this by reading all the competitive high-ranking content related to your chosen topic. Each premium content may contain several subtopics. In addition to covering all the topics that high-ranking pages already cover, you need to fill in any content gaps to make your content stand out from the rest.

Make Your Readers’ Lives Easier

If you provide useful and relevant content, visitors will come to your website to find specific information. Benin WhatsApp Number List Readers are usually looking for information that can help them solve their problems. Visitors make time for your website in exchange for the information they want to know. If your content takes too much effort to read, your visitors will give up and move on to simpler content that makes their lives easier. To keep readers engaged with your content and improve your dwell time, design your content to be easy to digest.



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