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Protecting your website is not a one-time goal, but an ongoing process that requires your utmost attention. Preventing disasters is always better.  Ultimately, of course, it is your responsibility to keep your website safe and secure by following Drupal security best practices. Drupal powers millions of websites, many of which handle extremely critical data. Drupal security module can provide additional security protection for your website. Some of the top Drupal 8 security modules you must use for your website – Drupal Login Security – This module ensures Drupal security by allowing site administrators to add various restrictions on user logins.

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The Drupal security team also released a security bounty program six months before the Drupal 8 release. Drupal security breach Needless to say, the community takes Drupal security very seriously and is constantly releasing Drupal security updates/patches. Bahrain Phone Number List The Drupal security team is always proactive and patch-ready even before the vulnerability becomes public. The Drupal login security module can limit the number of invalid login attempts before an account is blocked. Access to IP addresses can be temporarily or permanently denied.

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Two-Factor Authentication – With this Drupal security module, you can add an extra layer of authentication after users log in with a user ID and password. Like entering a code sent to their phone. Password Policy – This is a great Drupal security module that allows you to add another layer of security to your login forms, preventing bots and other security breaches. It enforces certain restrictions on user passwords – such as restrictions on length, character type, case (upper/lower case), punctuation, etc. It also forces users to change their passwords regularly (password expiration feature). Username Enumeration Prevention – By default, Drupal lets you know if the username you entered exists or exists if the other credentials are wrong.


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