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People think it doesn’t matter if you don’t come. Anyway, now the education industry is looking for jobs, and there are many people with better conditions.

Go to a start-up company. Either you feel that TA is too expensive, or the industry capabilities do not match, or you feel that the age of 40 is too old… In short, there are many New Zealand Mobile Number reasons why the company does not want you.

 Is our profession really safe?

The shock of the education and training industry is just New Zealand Mobile Number a microcosm of the thousands of industry shocks.

In such an environment, whether it is a young person who has just graduated or a middle and senior executive in the workplace, it is unavoidable to think about a question: Is the occupation we are currently engaged in really safe enough?

The reality is that there is no absolute stability in industries and occupations. Changes in corporate organization and business, changes in commercial policies, adjustments at the national level… these are not under the control of individuals.

What can be controlled? In my opinion, there are the following four points.

Mindset: look at yourself objectively

Here, I don’t want to talk about calmly facing ups and downs, but I want to talk about the point of objective recognition of oneself.

New Zealand Mobile Number
New Zealand Mobile Number

Since the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, online education has advanced by leaps and bounds, and the competition has become more and more fierce. As for you, I don’t care whether I can use it well or whether I can grow here. i cannot pass the resume test. As a result. However, i switched to the product position. And received interview invitations from many. Companies one after another. There are a few interesting and rewarding interviews. The shortest process is a manufacturing company. With serial number 18. After hr gave my resume to. The boss. However, he was very interested in

However, the high song of capital cannot last forever. The deformed development of online education has made us see the deformed side that violates the essence of – treating teaching as a traffic business, not being a teacher but a master of bringing goods, and deception-type renewal and sales, etc. , all show that such a business model is not sustainable.

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