Video Parody of the Profession of Community Manager

The results are therefore very rich in information, and very dense! The portrait of the global blogosphere thus drawn up is rather complete. Here is a selection of things to remember about the state of the blogosphere in 2010. Why blog? The primary motivations are hardly surprising: it is mainly a desire to share one’s opinions, to meet people who are interested in the same subjects, and to have one’s expertise and experience recognized. So the consequences of blogging are positive: the majority of respondents believe they are more Iran WhatsApp Number List involved in the areas of interest they blog about, and many have made friends, online or offline, through this activity. The cell phone war is quite funny to watch. In the same way as with the Mac / PC clash, users of different mobiles compete to find out which is the best.

The portrait of the global blogosphere

Between Apple fans, the explosion of Android and the persistence of Blackberry, the tension is mounting. What is the best ? Ultimately, it doesn’t matter. Iran WhatsApp Number List It is above all the agitation around this debate that is fascinating. The clichés are multiplying and the feelings of users towards others and themselves are often stigmatized. As on this parody rather well seen. And you, what is your smartphone? iPhone, HTC, BlackBerry? he omnipresence of social networks in our lives poses some unusual problems. What about, for example, messages left when you are not in your normal state? Fatigue, alcohol and other causes can distort your words and lead you to leave messages online that have nothing to do with it.

The clichés are multiplying

Iran WhatsApp Number List
Iran WhatsApp Number List

Fortunately, the Publigeekaire published a useful resource this morning. After the breathalyzer for mailboxes by Google, the Social Media Sobriety Test allows you to control your impulses on social networks after a certain time. Iran WhatsApp Number List To use this tool, you need to install the extension on your browser. Then configure the plugin so that it corresponds to) your expectations: blocking hours and sites concerned (you can add URLs).

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