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Caching plugin for WordPress. However, W3 Total Cache may not work on all sites as it is implemented quite a bit in the inner workings of WordPress. If you need an alternative, see the following recommendation. WP Super Cache (WordPress Plugin) WP Super Cache is an alternative to W3 Total Cache. My personal recommendation is W3 Total Cache, but in some cases, you won’t be able to use this, and WP Super Cache may be the solution. While I can recommend W3, that doesn’t mean WP Super Cache is inferior. Quite the opposite! It’s probably just as good, if a little harder to figure out when setting it up. Autooptimize (WordPress plugin) Some rules and optimizations suggested by previous Pagespeed analyzers are difficult to satisfy by hand, and even W3 Total Cache optimizations are not enough.

Automatically optimize page speed Autoptimize is for all optimizations that your caching plugin didn’t help you with. This is where Autoptimize comes in. Install it and it will automatically do optimizations like concatenating all scripts and styles, adding expiration headers, caching these resources and moving them to the page header. All at the touch of a button. Additional caching layers While you’ll probably be able to fix a lot of issues with page load times using the tools above, you shouldn’t stop there. Additional speed can often be gained by verifying that the following additional caching layers are enabled on your hosting. However, not all hosting services may give you the option to activate all of them.

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These are available to us at the click of a button. Cloudways Page Speed Cloudways allows you to activate various layers of caching with the push of a button If you’re not sure if you can enable these caching layers, contact your hosting service’s support (or switch to Cloudways, as it’s much easier than you think). Most likely, you will not be the one to install them on Jamaica phone number  your server, at least not if you are running your website on a modern server hosting system. varnish cache Varnish is caching software that is installed on your web server and caches requests to your HTTP web server (eg Apache). Varnish caching speeds up the requests it has cached by factors between 300 and 1000 (depending on your site).

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It’s free and open source, and you’d better wait for your host to let you activate it. memcache Memcached is another caching layer that will allow you to cache database calls on your site. (Memcached actually caches bits of data in memory, allowing it to cache database calls, among other things.) Website speed is important for your SEO as well as the user experience on your site. But improving your site speed can be hard – here are 9 free tools that will make your site run like a Ferrari. #WebsiteSpeed ​​#SEO #UserExperience #FreetoolsEvery WordPress site, for example, runs with the help of a database. The contents of the database stores all the actual content of your site, such as your blog articles.

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Of database calls, and cannot be cached as static content. That’s where Memcached comes in. Like Varnish, you’d better check if it’s enabled on your site. And I hope your host will allow you to activate it if it isn’t. Last words The above tools will allow you to speed up your site. While they are most useful for WordPress sites, some of these can be used for other types of sites as well. Page speed is very important for user experience as well as for SEO: if you don’t need to speed up your existing site but want to start using already optimized hosting, you can start with Cloudways hosting, which already includes all storage cached. layers you need to keep your site fast and performing well.

And if you’re looking for more tasks you can do to improve your SEO ranking, check out these 3 SEO Traffic Tricks. Are you struggling with your SEO? Do you think you’ve done so much but somehow your blog traffic from Google search is stagnating? Need help setting up your blog for SEO? Not sure how to build links to your blog? 5 Creative Ways to Update a Simple Blog Post to Increase Your Traffic Published: 2016-10-31. Writing informative, interesting, entertaining, and valuable blog posts can be fun. But it’s also a lot of work, time, and effort. Putting so much effort into creating.  The best possible blog posts for your audience means you want as many interested readers as possible to see and consume your content.

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