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Drew Bailey wanted to change that when he oversaw content operations at the company. “My team’s job is enablement,” says FedEx’s content strategy and curation manager.With clever problem-solving, a clear strategic roadmap, and some counter-intuitive steps, Drew’s team began to reach this goal and was nominated for the 2017 Content Marketer of the Year.He will tell you first that it’s still early, but the first result is excited that Wedding Photo Editing  the entire FedEx content team is coming.Solving content strategy issues with ABLEDrew, a port of IT and project management, discovered that there was no room for improvement when investigating a new environment Wedding Photo Editing  in the world of content strategy. Drew spent a lot of time listening to requests and needs to shift process and technology responsibilities from content creators to strategy and curation teams.“It wasn’t about creating better content.

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It’s about connecting points for the customer and letting the content team do more for the customer.”Drew used ABLE’s problem-solving method to categorize each problem one by one in order to Wedding Photo Editing  focus on his efforts. Evaluating this phase involves root cause analysis to discover what is really contributing to the disjointed customer experience. For example, a customer receives 13 unrelated emails from Wedding Photo Editing  FedEx each month. By carefully assessing people, processes, measurements, inputs, and technologies, they have found small changes that can lead to immediate improvements.BuildLike most content teams, support requests come from multiple sources. During this phase, the content team needed to decide what to accept in the content development pipeline. How to review it, and which audience segment to prioritize.

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Drew states that this is one of the biggest and greatest changes in FedEx. Previously, market development teams received requests for content around new products and services to be launched, but now the paradigm. This is the story we want to tell our customers based on their buying Wedding Photo Editing  and learning journeys he says. “It’s customer-based. It’s much more customer-centric. The new process included checklists, edits calendars, segment-wide themes, and execution plans. Drew led the team to establish a workflow for visualizing and monitoring content from conception to publication. Redundancy was a major source of waste during the release phase.

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