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Your Robots.txt is a file that tells search engine robots which pages you want them to  Fortunately, most CMS platforms come with a robots.txt file that you can edit to your liking. Your XML sitemap is used to help search engines properly crawl your site. It usually contains all the pages that exist on your domain. Argentina WhatsApp Number List For example, in Google Search Console’s reach report, you can see All these pages with errors will not be indexed until they are fixed. Argentina WhatsApp Number List So if you’re wondering why a particular page isn’t driving search traffic; your first action should be to check if it’s indexed.

Monitor Your XML Sitemap

If not, use the search console to see why and how to fix them. While it may seem complicated at first glance, Google has created this handy page to help you with these questions. Argentina WhatsApp Number List As we all know, search engines cannot index content contained in frames or Flash. Therefore, it is best not to add content to your website in this way. A frame is the HTML code used to further build a website. Also described as “pages within pages”, it is difficult to improve website SEO using frames because search engines cannot read or index the content.

Common Homepage Changes

This is another content duplication problem that many websites face. Much like the “WWW redirection” issue we explained above, sites with multiple homepage variations have duplicate content issues. In the eyes of search engines, these URLs are all like a different website. Argentina WhatsApp Number ListThis section dives into the response codes (such as 404) that your server sends to search engine bots when trying to access it. Here, you’ll also learn how to fix and identify long URLs, large file pages, incorrect use of link attributes, and more. Ultimately, your goal is to have every page you want indexed be served with HTTP status code 200. These pages are essentially pages that both users and search engines can easily find, read, and index.

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