What Are Your plans For Drupal

Drupal 9 is about to be released and the beta version is already in beta! Canada Phone Number List What are your plans for Drupal 9? Are you still in the “Why should I upgrade to Drupal 9” stage? Or are you wondering what should be the next step in getting ready for Drupal 9? Canada Phone Number List  We have answers to all your questions, including Drupal 9 features and a Drupal 9 quick checklist on how to prepare for Drupal 9. The best way to prepare for tomorrow is to give it your all today. Clearly, the Drupal community does just that. Canada Phone Number List I know that migrating to Drupal 8 from previous versions is difficult.

Really Worth All The Effort, Isn’t It

This means completely rebuilding the code and a lot of learning. Canada Phone Number List However, once you fully master Drupal 8, life becomes much easier. Think of it as a tough climb with a view from the top of the mountain. Canada Phone Number List Really worth all the effort, isn’t it? So, when is the most anticipated Drupal 9 release date? Drupal 9 is currently scheduled for release on June 3, 2020. Since the introduction of semantic versioning in Drupal 8, the Canada Phone Number List Drupal community has successfully released minor versions every six months.

Canada Phone Number List

Canada Phone Number List Each minor release comes with several valuable new features. Drupal 8 relies extensively on 3rd party libraries like Symfony, Twig, Guzzle, CKEditor and has to keep up with their updates. Canada Phone Number List For example, Symfony 3 (Drupal 8’s largest dependency) will reach EOL (End of Life) in November 2021. Drupal 8 will also end its life cycle. Canada Phone Number List Drupal 9 will be released with the latest Symfony 4.4 support and will not be backward compatible with Symfony 3.



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