What Does the Future Look Like

The days when your fridge knows more about food and Siri becomes an expert dating advisor might be closer than you think. AI and Machine Learning are advancing at breakneck speed today. The predictions of their applications are still unknown. Who knows what we might achieve; Time travel, colonizing Mars and robot armies? Agreed! I’ll try not to step forward. Certainly, we do not yet have the capacities to do these things. But that’s what makes the field of AI and machine learning so unpredictable. Currently, technology leaders such as Google, Apple, IBM and many more are taking this idea further and investing millions. The results are equally Egypt WhatsApp Number List astonishing with driverless cars roaming the streets of Phoenix and soccer ball-shaped robots roaming the celestial skies in the ISS (International Space Station). History teaches that what humanity wants for good can also be easily exploited. Along with the positive effects of AI, there are also criticisms against the concept. This is because, since AI weapons are devoid of emotions, they lack the ability to see right from wrong.

What are AI and Machine Learning

Machine learning studies the statistical patterns as well as the algorithms that the system used to perform a specific task without human interference to give instructions. Instead, machine learning relies on models and inferences to perform their tasks. Machine learning, however, is part of AI. Now look at some of the possible applications of AI that we may witness in the near future. Future AI Trends #1. Enhanced security The future could see an increase in the use of drones. Do not be alarmed! I’m talking about the drones used near the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty instead of the army ones. A few e-commerce companies are planning to have the products and items delivered to their customers using drone technology. Egypt WhatsApp Number List This network of autonomous drones flying around and taking care of things will strengthen the future vision for many of us.

Machines run by humans

Egypt WhatsApp Number List
Egypt WhatsApp Number List

And in the future, having these really smart ways to surface information will go from “nice to own” to essential. And I, for one, will be looking forward to that – because I want computers to be smarter already. – Timoni West, Director of XR Research at Unity Technologies #3. Look for Restricted Areas to Contribute to AI Success Stories machine with short hands and robots Narrow AI consists of highly defined and well-designed machine learning solutions that choose and perform a single task. Egypt WhatsApp Number List The term was coined by Gartner, where the emphasis is intended for the future. Algorithms are defined in their order for narrow AI. These algorithms are not used for general purposes and are customized for each specific task. As AI continues to evolve, the key will be to use unstructured data to solve business challenges and drive more.

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