What Is Keyword Cannibalization

Therefore, it is best to allocate that budget to your existing valuable pages. Now, unless your website is as big as Amazon, Shopify, or Wikipedia, you don’t need to worry. Even if you’ve done in-depth keyword research, you’re likely to find many pages that meet the above criteria. This is because page ranking takes time. The harder the target keyword, the longer it will take to rank high. That’s why I don’t recommend removing pages that have no intrinsic value at first glance. Your goal should be to make them more valuable.

How to Manage Duplicate Content And 

After all, the reason you’re not generating traffic, links, or conversions could be because you’re targeting the wrong keywords. However, there are situations in which it makes sense to delete or merge pages: Kuwait WhatsApp Number List You have multiple pages on the exact same topic , covering the same angles and not providing new insights. Multiple pages targeting the same keyword, leading to keyword cannibalization. Kuwait WhatsApp Number List Keyword cannibalization is the result of multiple pages missing out on organic search traffic due to duplicate content combined with targeting the same keyword. Kuwait WhatsApp Number List It’s not the duplicate content itself that search engines object to.

Avoid Keyword Cannibalism

After all, many sites (eg Medium, Business 2 Community, Linkedin, etc.) publish duplicate content from other sources and do well. Kuwait WhatsApp Number List Also, multiple pages (unique content) targeting the same core phrase will not necessarily lead to a drop in rankings. Kuwait WhatsApp Number List If you can make enough strong links to them, you should be fine. [Example of a site with two pages looking for the same keyword in the top 10 SERPs – let me know if you have one. ] The problem is that additional opportunities to rank for more keywords are missed , which can further improve your search reach and ability to reach your target market. This is why most SEOs recommend targeting 1-2 core keywords per page.

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