What Programs Should I Install on a New Computer

The first thing that should come to mind is internet access. Nowadays, the Internet has gained such relevance that individuals simply cannot live without it. So which browser should you consider? Most browsers are available for free. Some are quite fast than others. Yet others have very essential characteristics than others. We recommend Google Chrome. It’s still fast and has some really nice features. I’m not saying it has no flaws. In fact, many people will do what it takes to protect themselves from the inescapable Google tracking in Chrome. Well, if you’re also concerned about that, there are other fantastic alternatives including Firefox, chromium • Music streaming app. Not so long ago, we had to painstakingly import and organize a series of MP3s in order to enjoy music on PC. Today, music streaming services have completely Belarus WhatsApp Number List done away with the need to physically purchase specific albums. There are various streaming services and you like music, you should consider at least one for your new computer. I suggest you try Spotify. However, the free plan is ad-supported. • Office suite software. It is quite possible that you have to deal with either documents or spreadsheets at some point.

Office Suite Software

For example, you will be able to assess your ability to manipulate images, you can blur private information on screenshots, and you can retouch old snaps, among other important things. Maybe you think Photoshop is the only way to go here. However, learning to Photoshop takes time. It is not so easy. There are many free alternative programs in this regard. A good example is Paint.NET. It’s more efficient than Microsoft Paint and doesn’t have those confusing icons. Belarus WhatsApp Number List It allows you to blur part of an image. You can also add captions and shapes to photos in just seconds. It has a lot of plugins that will allow you to expand its functionality. If you don’t like that, you can try GIMP. It is also free but more advanced. The point is, make sure you have an image editor on your computer. • Security or Anti-Malware. I hope you know how your device can be affected by viruses.

Security or Anti-Malware

Belarus WhatsApp Number List
Belarus WhatsApp Number List

• Media Player. Do you view through browsers? It might work perfectly for you. However, you need a video player to enjoy your media files offline or locally. What’s your favorite media player? There are so many players and some of them have been around for so long. For example, VLC player has been around for a long time and it has many wonderful features. It has the ability to play most video formats. If VLC doesn’t impress you, try PotPlayer. Belarus WhatsApp Number List It plays all media formats and has advanced features compared to VLC or Windows media player. It is available for free online. You have no excuse for not having a media player on your computer. Even if you’re not a fan of music videos, you might like movies. So install one of the many media players available. Music instrument • Emulators. Are you a fan of video games? There are interesting games intended for the Android or iOS operating system. However, you can still run them on your PC. This is where you need emulators.

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