What Tools to Diagnose Your E-reputation

Former consultant in opinion monitoring and online reputation management for web agencies, Camille Alloing is now an R&D engineer for a large French group, and a doctoral student in information and communication sciences at the CEREGE laboratory in Paris. ‘IAE of Poitiers. He is also the author of the Caddereputation blog , dedicated to e-reputation, related tools and methodologies. But, He offers us today a post on the tools Guatemala WhatsApp Number for diagnosing his e-reputation as part of the Debate of the month on digital identity . Camille has also just released a book with David Fayon entitled Developing your presence on the Internet .

The Web Your Digital Identity

Who can see their information? Friends, family, clients, prospects, colleagues, etc. What public image do I want to have? In other words, what impression(s) should the information about me and present on the web convey about me to the people reading it? Should my digital identity be a lever for future actions? Job search, career change, political credibility, etc. Guatemala WhatsApp Number They are however essential to guide your search for information, and especially to take a step back from the results you will obtain later.

Google Results the Options

Guatemala WhatsApp Number
Guatemala WhatsApp Number

Google has another advantage (and not the least): the ability to quickly search on different types of sources. Allows you to evaluate the visibility (prioritization) of these. Although, Images: will search in images indexed on different sources. Guatemala WhatsApp Number Practices to quickly identify which are the compromising images concerning you. Videos: search on a dozen video platforms (YouTube, Dailymotion, Wat, etc.). News: online press sites, regional daily newspapers, etc. Often a gold mine for everything related to local and everyday life.

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