Where Will the Exposure of His Private Life on the Web Stop

Old beginner”, as he defines himself, Eric Delcroix is ​​a communication jack-of-all-trades, expert in media and social networks: blog, Facebook , Twitter … He writes on these subjects on his blog, Les z ed . Our Debate of the month on digital identity is an opportunity to highlight an article he wrote on this blog in 2010, but which is still very topical. Regularly in conferences and other interventions in companies or with the general public, one of the questions in the room always revolves around personal data, the dangers of Big Brother, digital oblivion… Excuse me, but the question is badly posed! It is already too late to think about such things. Why ? Because the dissemination of personal data and the exposure of one’s private life on the net has long been under way in this area. Thus, sociological studies in England have shown that the mobile Finland WhatsApp Number phone has supplanted the cigarette as a symbol of the transition to adulthood for young adolescents. And, I remember that in the mid-90s, we among teachers laughed at students who showed off with their cell phones.

The Dissemination of Personal Data

I don’t want to let the whole world know exactly where I am! But, fiftieth-year-old contradiction, I would sometimes like to be able to indicate the precise place where I am! And there, we come to the use. Let’s explain this paragraph a bit. Regarding geolocation, systems have been scrutinizing our position for a long time… Finland WhatsApp Number Remember the film concerning the attempted corruption of the Valenciennes-OM match and the testimony of convenience on the round trip of a Minister of the time on the A1 motorway. It was in 1993. We knew his time of passage at the various tolls. A form of geolocation… Since then, in 2006, the CNIL has adopted a recommendation relating to the implementation of devices intended to geolocate motor vehicles used by employees of a private or public organization (Deliberation n°2006-066 of March 16, 2006). As explained in the article on the z’ed: “From the future of geolocation: Foursquare, tell me or…”, it is possible to easily geolocate a phone either by triangulation or, for the latest generations, by the integrated GPS .

The Cigarette as a Symbol

Finland WhatsApp Number
Finland WhatsApp Number


Other uses that could be interesting: tourist information, events, restaurants, doctors, etc. the closest… And also interactive games and other fun applications. And then, the company can find its account there with the services of localized promotional offers, the interactive posters, the reduction coupons while passing in the radius or in front of the front of a store. Finland WhatsApp Number Use quite easily prevails over reason… which introduces a new dimension to the exposure of one’s private life on the networks. The case of Foursquare , the fashionable geolocation system, is significant in this regard. Both a game and a city information system… the use of 4square is reminiscent of what happened at the start of Twitter. Indeed, the first uses corresponded to “What are you doing? on the homepage of the microblogging service. Now, as a result of usage, their slogan has become: “Share and find out what is happening right now, all over the world. As much as the first formulation was intrusive in the area of ​​privacy, the second is no longer so! Twitter users modeled the tool for their use.

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