Why Should You Choose Google Cloud Hosting

Many of the world’s largest multi-million dollar companies need space to store their titanic amount of data. Thus, the use of cloud services has become common in these areas. Most people with smartphones are familiar with Google Photos. It is also a service provided by Google for image storage. Read also: Cloud Computing, its architecture, advantages and security threats Today we have many companies offering their cloud services. However, Google Cloud remains a substantial force in cloud service providers. And there are many reasons that make it popular. Cost factor Whichever service you opt for, price remains a strict factor. When it comes France WhatsApp Number List to using Google Cloud services, the user gets the first 12 months free. Later, if the user wishes to renounce its use, he can. This forces AWS to charge on an “annual basis”, while Google cloud policy is to charge for seconds.

Easier Live Migrations

You speak on the backbone of Google, not on the Internet”. In 2016, Google announced its intention to invest in FASTER Cable systems. This will allow Google to access up to 10 terabytes of data per second. In July 2018, Google again announced the arrival of ‘Durant’, which is the first private transatlantic submarine cable. France WhatsApp Number List The connection connects the French Atlantic coast with Virginia Beach in America. It should come to life by 2020. The visual map of the Transatlantic or Durant Submarine Cable looks a lot like this. It doesn’t stop there, in August 2017, Google’s cloud platform launched its premium and second-tier networks, making it the first public cloud hosting to provide a tiered cloud network.

Warehousing Operations

France WhatsApp Number List

France WhatsApp Number List

The new Google platform aims to be present in Hong Kong and Zurich by this year. Our goal remains the same: we want to create the most open cloud for all businesses and enable them to easily build and run great software. — Brian Stevens, Vice President of Google Cloud Superb safety features With Google Cloud, security is considered highly crucial. France WhatsApp Number List Some key Google Cloud security features are: Data is stored in encrypted form between the customer, data centers and Google, as well as data in all Cloud Platform services. AES 256-bit is the encrypted form in which all data is stored and each encrypted key is also encrypted with a set of regularly chained master keys.

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