Win Your Tickets for the Rennes Tennis Open

Definitely, it’s Christmas right now on the blog. After the preview of the film The social Network and cinema tickets , we are now offering you tickets for the Rennes Tennis Open. In total, we have 62 two-seat prizes up for grabs! reindeer open The Rennes Tennis Open takes place over 9 days and offers 70 high-level matches. After the qualifications on October 9 and 10, the competition will take place from Monday October 11 to Sunday October 17. Who will succeed Alejandro FALLA, winner of Thierry ASCIONE last year? The endowment is beautiful: 75,000 dollars! Until then, leave a comment to get two tickets to watch Pakistan WhatsApp Number the matches of your choice To win them, simply leave a comment by filling in your email address in the appropriate field and indicating the day that suits you.

The Social Network and Cinema Tickets

Here is the full list: reindeer tournament We have about twenty lots of 2 places left to distribute to you for matches during the week, do not hesitate to leave a comment to ask for some:To precisely monitor the traffic on your blog, Google Analytics is one of the best free solutions. Pakistan WhatsApp Number SeeTheStats fills this gap, by allowing you to create widgets for the information you deem useful to reveal. In addition, you can, if you wish, create a public page visible to all, with the statistics you wish to highlight. How it works ? It’s very simple ! Of course, the prerequisite is to have a Google Analytics account, and to have it linked to your blog.

Google Analytics Account

Pakistan WhatsApp Number
Pakistan WhatsApp Number

Be careful though, SeeTheStats limits what you can import: you will only have 6 possibilities. Simply swipe the stats that interest you to the right. See The Stats The checkbox on the left is used to make your information private: you can still display it as a widget on your blog if the box is checked, but it will not be accessible from the public page created by SeeTheStats. Pakistan WhatsApp Number The third step is to choose which time interval will be used for the creation of your statistics – between 3 and 720 days, that leaves room! One click on “Update Webstat page” and your figures are ready. another click on the link provided, and your statistics appear, in the form of a pie chart or a graph, depending on the type of figures chosen.

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