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Of awesome blogs to accept your posts, publish them, get a ton of shares and reactions, and no measurable results for your blog or business. Or you may have a few selected guest posts posted on some niche blogs and find yourself amazed at the gain in followers, number of new subscribers and even new customers. So what is making the difference? There are multiple ways to screw up all of your guest blogging efforts, and more often than not what’s wrong isn’t the guest blogging approach itself, but how it’s executed. There are multiple ways to screw up all of your guest blogging efforts, and more often than not what’s wrong isn’t the guest blogging approach itself, but how it’s executed.

Here’s what you need to get right if you’re looking for guest blogging success. When I started guest blogging in early 2012, I didn’t know most of this. The results of my posts in the form of traffic, subscriptions and followers came more or less by chance. Some posts worked fine and some didn’t. It took me a little more writing and posting to figure out what I need to focus on and what is absolutely mandatory for guest blogging success. Here are 5 ways to turn guest blogging results into nothing. The wrong topic Choosing a topic that you like rather than a topic that is connected to what you and your business typically deal with will not give you the best results from your guest blogging efforts.

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You are interested in generating traffic for your blog and finding an awesome post. Hey, before you read on, we have several FREE detailed guides on similar topics that you can download. For this post, check out: FREE Workbook: CREATE AWESOME BLOG POSTS FREE Beginner’s Guide: START A BLOG Realizing it’s a guest post, check out the author’s website and social media accounts. You find out that the author’s website is about writing. Would Iceland phone number you subscribe when looking for information on generating traffic? Or if you have a blog about cooking and recipes, but write a guest post about farming and growing vegetables: Can you expect gardening blog readers to subscribe to your recipes? Make sure to choose a topic related to your own business or blog.

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You want to attract an audience that would also be interested in you and what you do when you’re not guest blogging. Targeting the best audience for you with a guest post means you need to cover a topic that will be of interest to the audience you’re looking for. 2. Wrong Blog Hosting Niche A very important reason to participate in guest blogging is to access an already existing audience: the audience of the hosting blog. This existing audience should have a significantly large set of people who are also interest in what your own blog or business has to offer. If this is not the case, you will not be able to convert any part of this audience into traffic, subscribers or customers for your own purposes.

Never Choose A Hosting Blog

For the sake of fancy or vanity or just because you can publish a post. Being feature on a fashion blog that doesn’t match your niche may be good for your ego. But more often than not it will turn out to be nothing for the success of your guest blog. No traffic on hosting blogSome say guest blogging is great, and others say it’s not worth the effort. Here’s What It Takes to Make Guest Blogging a Success. What are you looking for as a result of your efforts as a guest blogger? Traffic? Subscribers? Customers? Brand? Whatever it is, if the blog you’re posting to doesn’t have a sizable audience. You can’t expect sizable results on any of them! And truth be tell the best blogs for you to post with enough traffic and audience.  To be relevant will also be the ones that get a ton of guest blogging requests.

Don’t wait for a blog to come to you; these blogs will often not be worth your time. They may just be looking for free content. Approach blogs that YOU think would be perfect for you. If your writing is good, you provide great content – ​​you have a good chance of landing a guest blogging gig on a blog with a sizable audience! 4. Not respecting the author’s biography When I first started guest posting, I totally underestimated the power of the author bio. I focused on linking to our website or articles from my guest post, something I wouldn’t do today. And I completely missed the author bio. Where you can not only link to your website or social accounts. But also add a call to action. bildschirmfoto-2016-12-07-um-13-42-14.

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