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Again with a different headline or image and see if it resonates better with your audience. Twitter is a fast life network. Mistakes can be quickly forgiven and forgotten. Simply regroup, try something new, and measure success. I have spoken with business angels who said, an entrepreneur who is not on Twitter does not exist. While this seems like a harsh statement, there is definitely some truth to it. In the long run, Twitter may not be the social network that generates the most traffic or sales, but in the beginning, Twitter offers tremendous opportunities for all small business entrepreneurs and marketers, no matter how big the budget or how big the budget is. famous be the brand.

If you’re just starting out: Head over to Twitter, it’s a great starting point for growing a social audience and learning marketing. The Neglected Importance of Putting Your Audience First in Social Media Marketing Published: 2016-10-04 A friend of mine is very frustrated with her gardening efforts. She plants and invests money in new plants, but the flowers don’t seem to want to pay her back with flowers. Her flowers never look very healthy and even if they grow for a year or so, after a while they give up and die. So she has to buy new flowers, pay more money and gets even more frustrated. What are you doing wrong? She always imagines what a flower would look like as it is represented on the package or in a book.

She Plants The Flowers

From her garden in an empty place that she wants to fill. She has a clear picture in her head of what the arrangement will look like. But she doesn’t consider what the flower needs to thrive and grow: Does the flower need shade or sun? Is it a plant that needs a lot of water or rather dry soil? What Senegal phone number type of soil does the flower prefer? How tall will the flower grow, if at all? So he ends up planting his flowers in all the wrong places. A water-loving plant simply dries out long before the hot summer months. A small flower at the back of a flower bed is lost behind the larger plants in the front.

Senegal Phone Number

A sun-starved flower never blooms for sheer lack of light. Before you read any further, we have several resources that show you exactly how to use social media to get massive traffic and leads. For example, take a look at the following: FREE Step-by-Step Twitter Marketing Guide FREE Pinterest Marketing Ebook What does this have to do with marketing? This is exactly what is happening with many marketing efforts. People spend money and time on social media marketing efforts. They describe products and features, come up with new slogans and clever advertising messages.

They Are Active On Many Social Networks

But their efforts die with the unglamorous death of a flower in the wrong flower bed. I face this over and over again: Clients just getting started with social media are so focused on seeing marketing results and getting their message across that they completely forget what their target audience wants or needs. They skip the essential part of social media marketing of providing value or meeting the needs of their target group and go straight to posting what they want people to know about their products and business. And no one listens… Research must come first This is not the way gardening or social media marketing works. If you choose this path, your social media marketing will most likely not flourish or flourish.

Before you can get your message out to potential customers, you need to do your homework and get to know them. You need to know what they like, how they behave, and how they like to consume information. You must first know your audience! Nurture and growth come next. But even if you’ve done your homework and know your target audience, starting the relationship with a sales message most of the time won’t work. Before your marketing flower can bloom and before you can even think about harvesting, you must nurture your relationship, provide fertilizer and water, and prevent weeds from overgrowing your young plant. On social media, that means you must first consider the needs and preferences of your audience.

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