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LeadPages. Popups can be created, styled and integrated exactly like LeadPages: just click on “LeadBoxes” in the main app menu within LeadPages (popups are called “LeadBoxes” in LeadPages). Again, there is a plugin for WordPress that makes integration easy. Nurturing your subscribers Ok, now you know the elements of a web page that will convert a web visitor into a subscriber. He/she is on your email list. What do you do with these email addresses? Of course, you are going to send them emails…what else. But you’re not going to send these subscribers hundreds of endless emails promoting your products. What you are doing instead is sending them valuable emails ! What is value?

What your subscribers need. You are generating subscribers around a certain niche, a category around which you build your content. The value you send to subscribers can be based on the content of your blog. Or you can send them quick tips based on their interests. A good way to nurture your subscribers is to use a combination of an “onboarding” email sequence and regular “broadcast” emails to each subscriber who has already completed the onboarding sequence. Your onboarding email sequence should focus on building a relationship with your new subscriber. You can even ask questions that your subscribers can answer (in Drip, for example, you could post answers to multiple choice questions via trigger links in combination with tags).

Activate Links Within Drip

Drip allows you to easily add trigger links (which trigger an automation rule) to any email. You can then add more email automation based on some subscriber actions. For example, you can add an automation when someone buys a product; We do this by connecting Gumroad and Stripe to Drip (providing an integration for both). This way you can add some emails offering extra products Japan phone number to the people who bought your products. How often should each subscriber receive an email from you? At least once a week. Don’t be afraid of losing subscribers because you’re sending out a lot of emails – when you provide real value, the people you want on your list will stick around!

Japan Phone Number

I have received newsletters in the past that were mailed to me several times a day and I loved all the emails. Whether you’re a blogger looking to monetize, a small business looking to grow, or a large corporation looking to expand, chances are you need a modern sales funnel. Here’s how to set up a modern sales funnel for your blog or business. #tips for blogs #sales funnel #earnmoneyblogging #bloggingformoney #bloggingbusiness #marketingsmallbusiness #businessonline #startupmarketing Once a subscriber has left your initial onboarding sequence, they should start receiving your regular newsletter as well as an automation sequence that emails you every other week.

This Email Automation

Can be used to drive subscribers towards a certain goal, for example buying one of your products. Does it seem complicated yet? Here’s how to start this the easy way: Write a series of 3 emails that every new subscriber receives. Typically, these emails should be no more than 300 words. They can link to content on your website and should focus on building a relationship. Once a subscriber goes through this automation sequence, you can send them your regular emails (broadcasts). Create another automation sequence, one that sends an email every 2-4 weeks that pushes a subscriber to a sales page. Write 3 or even 4 emails for that.

Now create another automation sequence if you have more products and want to make an additional sale. People who have bought from you once are much more likely to buy from you again than someone who has never bought from you before. How to set up this type of drip email marketing automation Like I said before, I use Drip for our marketing automation. And although the above may seem complicated, Drip makes it very easy! Drip uses something they call “Automation Workflows” in their tool that allows you to set up automations like the ones above in a few minutes (less writing the emails, of course). Drip Email Marketing Drip workflows are a game changer in email marketing!

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