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On similar topics that you can download. For this post, check out: FREE Workbook: CREATE AWESOME BLOG POSTS FREE Beginner’s Guide: START A BLOG Tripwire and education = More sales Sales increase. Educating your prospects and customers is a worthwhile pursuit, as is mastering tripwire marketing. However, these two activities do not need to be separate and isolated from each other: you can educate people while offering free or cheap things like lead magnets. Simply put, you can combine your Tripwire offers with educational materials to increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. This approach will not only improve your leads’ conversion rates, but also set your brand apart from your competitors.

When you provide learning opportunities along with affordable offers, you’ll see your sales increase. Lead Magnet Educational Exampleslead magnet Now that we’ve covered all the theory, let’s see how you can leverage your tripwire offers to educate your customers and increase the chances that they’ll buy more from you. Here are several examples of educational lead magnets. 1) Imagine yourself as the owner of a digital marketing agency. One of their offerings includes running social media campaigns for their clients. So what could you do to hook your prospects? For example, you could offer a very inexpensive eBook called “Everything You Need to Know About Social Media Campaigns.”

When Your Customers Get

To the checkout, you can sell more by presenting them with “The Last Digital Marketing Guide You’ll Ever Need.” The second product contains much more information and covers content marketing and SEO as well as social media. 2) In this example, you own a hair salon. As a hairdresser, you could use social media to entice people to visit your salon and buy a particular hair product for a dollar. Additionally, you could share a blog post extolling Armenia cell phone numbers the benefits of the hair product as the educational component of your offer. As customers arrive to buy the cheap product they’ve been told about, they may decide to stay for a haircut. You can also hand out DVDs demonstrating good hair care practices along with the main magnet, and your clients will most likely return to your salon.

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Suppose you own an agency that offers translation services, you could offer everyone a small document translation at a low cost to attract potential clients. When providing customers with the finished product, you could also include an article on ways to use grammar correctly. Clients will appreciate both the low cost treatment and the surprise educational gift and will return to your company for future translations.tripwire-deals-1 4) Suppose you have a sportswear store. You can promote sales in your store by creating an e-book detailing the health benefits of running and making it available on your website at a low price. You could also post an educational video about running and include runners wearing shoes that your store sells.

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Your potential customers with incentives to purchase your sportswear from your store rather than from a competitor’s outlet. So what can we learn from these examples? First of all, educational marketing and tripwire marketing do not need to be separate activities. You don’t have to wait to upsell to educate people to entice them to buy your products; You can do this while placing your tripwire bid. Second, it doesn’t matter if you sell products or services. Examples 1 and 3 show how you can make educational offers if you provide services, while examples 2 and 4 show the same for selling products. It is only up to you to take inspiration from these examples and create your own attractive offers.

Last words When you combine education with tripwire marketing, you inevitably increase your sales. Regardless of whether you operate a traditional or online business. You can use cheap offers to attract people and educate them on the way to winning the biggest deal. That way, you’re more likely to drive people into your sales funnel and create more upsell opportunities. Together, tripwires and education will combine to fuel your success, so it’s surely worth a try. Using Email Marketing to Overcome Your Audience Trust Issues Published: 2016-11-29 Once upon a time there was an online marketer who, by today’s standards, should be seen as a genius.

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