The More You Know About Your Site Visitors The Better

What are they looking for? Is it easy to find? Are there unnecessary steps standing in your way? You need to put yourself in your customers’ shoes and give them the information they need. Don’t make them go through the entire site just to find answers to common questions, like opening hours or customer service phone numbers; this will only annoy them. Make your user experience easy; remember that this will lead to more conversions. If you’re having trouble seeing your site from your customers’ point of view, you can always use online services like What Users Do or User Testing. If you really want to improve user experiences and increase conversions, then you’ll also want to embrace Growth Driven Design (GDD).

In a nutshell, GDD turns the ‘build it and leave it’ approach of traditional website design on its head by using data generated by user interactions on your site. Instead of having a major redesign that will cost thousands of pounds and take months, GDD can be up and running in a matter of weeks. Your site is then continually monitored and improvements made, while your marketing and sales goals can be based on real data rather than guesswork. 80-20 Convert readers into customers Once a user reads your blog, how do you convert them into a customer? Is your website failing to convert enough customers? Remember, a happier user experience will lead to more conversions and more online sales. For this, it is essential that you include a call to action.

This Will Prompt The User To Call

The business at that time or sign up for a newsletter. The call to action will provide you with more information about a potential customer, such as name, email address, phone number, or the company they work for, and allow you to target them appropriately. If you send them interesting Lithuania phone number  and informative emails from time to time, they will not only learn more about your experience and knowledge, but they will come to trust you and become customers when they are ready. If you’ve spent time nurturing a relationship, your prospects are more likely to choose your company over your competitors.

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As we’ve seen, a website that isn’t designed specifically with mobile in mind is likely to give your customers a negative view of your business, when it should be acting like a 24/7 salesperson. . Worse yet, a poorly designed mobile site could actively drive customers away from your business as they become frustrated that they can’t easily find what they’re looking for and thus abandon their searches, costing you vital business. Remember, happier user experiences lead to more conversions. How to motivate your co-workers to start blogging Published: 2016-10-20 The following is a guest post by Jill Phillips.

Jill Is A Freelance Writer From Buffalo

She writes about business and technology topics. When she’s not writing, Jill likes to take photos and walk her dog. Connect with Jill via Twitter @jillphlps Having and maintaining a company blog is quickly becoming an important marketing strategy for companies. However, creating current and relevant content can be a struggle for many companies to generate information that their current and future customers will want to read. Bildschirmfoto 2015-08-28 um 11.26.13 Your staff are a great source of content for this blog, but getting your employees to contribute can be a constant battle. Some staff members may feel that they have nothing meaningful to offer.

While others may feel that they are not good enough writers for the company blog. Additionally, content creation can be a time-consuming task that your employees may be hesitant to undertake. With the best blog content coming from your knowledgeable staff members. There are a few ways you can encourage these valued employees to start writing. Give them a list of topics There are some things as daunting as looking. At a blank page when you know you need to write something meaningful. For business blogs, there are so many different potential topics, so choosing one can seem like an exceptionally daunting task. This fear could cause many employees to avoid contributing to the project.

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