You’re Just Helping Them Solve A Problem They May Be Facing

When framed like this, the sale will appear natural and branded. Incorporate (real) offers and promotions Treat your email subscribers like VIPs. Before you read any further, we have several resources that show you exactly how to use social media to get massive traffic and leads. For example, take a look at the following: FREE Step-by-Step Twitter Marketing Guide FREE Pinterest Marketing Ebook Give your readers special offers to thank them for their loyalty and commitment. Include them in the top tier of your leads and reward them with special email discounts. No one can say no to great deals (warning: real value, not 5% off a container end product). If you’re emailing people about a product or service for the first time.

Why not add a personalized. Offer instead of just a generic, “Hey, check this out.” Don’t send the offer directly if you don’t feel good, you can flesh it out with a story that ends the offer. Cultivate a friendly and engaging tone when you give something away for free. It’s been done ad nauseam, but a free trial is always a good offer to send to your email list, as people can “try before they buy.” Keep it focused on the relationship and include the offer as a bonus. You can thank people for their support and membership over the years by explaining that this offer is exclusive to them. Use precise targeting and personalization to send even more targeted and useful offers.

Persuade And Seduce

Not push and shove Be subtle and seductive; don’t hit people over the head with your sales pitch in email one. Modify your sales language and messaging to keep things consistent and never, ever suddenly change your tone and go into ‘sales mode’. It will look fake. You’ve earned the trust of people and their emails, so don’t throw it all away by being too pushy. Start by Kuwait phone number  focusing on the problem you want to solve. Raise people’s consciousness levels before you go in for the kill. Long copy and narration can be great for a more subtle sales approach. Stay away from flashy call-to-action buttons or big bold statements at first – they will turn off the audience. Continue the conversation on social media.

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The distinction between subscribers and followers is blurred – take advantage of the fact that many of your readers also follow you on social media. Here’s how to build your social media identity if this is still new to you and your brand. If you have a more established social media presence, play some of the sales messages from your emails on social media. Remember to build cohesiveness with the content above – very important for your social media brand. Repeating variations on the same theme is a good social media/email marketing strategy.

If You’ve Been Emailing People

About how they can save time by downloading your eBook, you may want to post about productivity and timekeeping tools, tips and tricks. Don’t forget to change your tone slightly with social media, using shorter copy and incorporating rich media as much as you can. Review data and adjust. Do you have an army of loyal followers and readers? Trying to sell to your email list for the first time can be scary. Here’s how to do it right! The beauty of email marketing is that you have all the data you need at your fingertips (and if you don’t already, look for an email marketing service like MailChimp that offers campaign data). MailChimp aren’t the only ones out there: there are plenty of other email services out there.

As well as WordPress plugins and the like. Monitor clicks and unsubscribes to see how your new approach is working with your audience. Look at your analytics and see how people are behaving on your site (you’ll need to tag email campaigns correctly to track referral traffic). Are they engaging with your landing pages or not? Are you making any sales via email? (Here’s a technical post on how to tag email traffic in Google Analytics.) Does your product or service offering need to be stronger? Your emails may be compelling, but the real offer isn’t being delivered when people land on your sales page or landing page. Remember, email marketing doesn’t exist in a vacuum and works in conjunction with your social media and website.

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